Looking for a complete WordPress ticket system?

Check out TicketLab – our end-2-end help desk and ticket system WordPress theme. Unfortunately TicketRama is no longer supported after over 6 years, but we’ve launched a new & improved version which is bound to massively improve your client support experience.
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Fully Functional Ticketing System

Available Knowledgebase

Facebook & Twitter Sign in + Ticket Submission

Use User:Test Account and Pass: test to login
Use User:Test Account and Pass: test to login


Update History

V2.3 – Dec 15th, 2015

WordPress 4.4 Compatibility Check
Plugins Update

V2.2 – Sept 1st, 2015

WordPress 4.3 Compatibility Update
WP_Widget vs constructor issue fixed
Minor Css Changes

V2.1.1 – Feb 11th, 2015

WordPress 4.1 Compatibility Update
Contact Page bug fix

V2.1 – Sept 25th, 2014

WordPress 4.0 Compatibility Update

V2.0 – Aug 21st, 2014

Minor fixes
Wordpress 3.9 Compatibility Update

V1.2 – June 30th, 2014

Minor PHP fixes
CSS fixes

V1.1 – January 8th, 2014

Minor Css Bug Fixes
Logo Issue Fixed
Improved Documentation

V1.0 – October 14th, 2013

Official Release



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