How To Select Your WordPress Theme

WordPress is more popular CMS these day because of it simple working Dashboard
The installation is simple and you can create pages and post without any coding knowledge When we install wordPress the default theme is very sample theme but when you start a blog It will ok.if you want to start with a full concept in your mind what to built in your website.Then you think about a theme which can full fill your needs.

WordPress Theme Available In The Market

There are many Theme Available in the market Free and Paid When selecting a theme first think that you consider in your mind that What are the Features you want in your Theme. WordPress Provide a Feature Filter to make a customize search and find your free theme.All thinks depend on your budget .if you are start your own
Blog so you can try the free themes or if you make a website for your client And the want a some special features which is not available in free theme Or you are not a coding expert and you only want front end so you can work Without code so you can go for Paid theme.

What Thinks To Remember When Selecting A Good Theme

When Selecting a good Theme You Can Remember These Think.


Responsive Theme:

It is very important that your website is responsive.
it will be Open in any device this is called a responsive theme.
If you Select a theme which is not a responsive theme
So when user open in your website in desktop it will be ok
But if open in mobile or Tablet it will not Display properly.
Choosing a WordPress Theme is Very important.

How To Check If The Theme Is Responsive

Install a theme and check in different Browser
If the theme design is not breaks in any Brower
It will ok then you can check the images and the menu
Will open in mobile and tablet .In responsive design
The menu will show in dropdown in mobile and images
Is fit according to the screen size of any devices.
Other option to check responsive theme is you
Can search in google how to check response theme
There are many website provide the option
To check responsive design. You can paste your website
URL and it will show the result in seconds.

How To Check If The Theme Support All The Required Plugins

This is also the important Part your theme support all the
Plugins .It will depend on your needs that what you want
Form your website or Blog.All Themes support the Basic plugins
Like SEO, Contact Forms,

How To Check Free Theme Reviews Or Rating

When Selecting a Theme you can check the theme Reviews and
Rating .If your Theme is free so you can check your Reviews and
Rating in open this URL and search your

The click on More Info

Click on see all it will show you the Reviews and Rating

How To Check Paid Theme Reviews Or Rating

There are many websites selling theme

You can Check the theme Reviews and Rating from selecting the theme


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