We will design this tutorial for Beginners who will install wordpress at the first time.We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use and install WordPress in any website or domain and we will explain How to create a data base in cpanel.These days WordPress is most popular platform for blogging and any other advance website. WordPress Provide a plugins which can be use for your needs. For Example if you want to design a shopping website you can use woocommerce plugin .wordpress installation is a simple Process if we install from cpanel.Many Hosting provider give the option to install wordpress From cpanel you can just click and install wordpress in your domain .But if you don’t have option to install worlpress from cpanel you can download wordpress from https://wordpress.org/download/ and upload from FTP.

How To Install WordPress

Step 1: Purchase Web Hosting and Domain

Step 2: Install WordPress on Domain

Step 3: Select WordPress Theme

Step 4: Installation of WordPress Theme

Step 5: Create Your First Page

Step 7: Create Your First Post

Step 8: Create Your First Menu

Step 9: Installation of WordPress Plugins


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