On Wednesday, April 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic and advised people everywhere to “make a plan in preparation for an outbreak of COVID-19 in your community.” 

Also on Wednesday, the WordPress.org Community Team published their recommendations for organizers of WordPress Events and Meetups.

Our Recommendations

We recommend that all WooCommerce community organizers follow the guidelines set by the WordPress Community Team.

If you are planning a meetup or event scheduled between now and June 1, and there is any evidence of community transmission of COVID-19 in your area, we strongly recommend that you suspend in-person gatherings until later in the year.

Focus on growing your local community virtually. Consider providing virtual office hours and remote meetings with audio and/or video chat.

WooCommerce Community

Our mission is to democratize commerce and community is essential to our success. Woo’s Community Team is here to support you in serving your local community and in doing what’s best for your community’s health and safety.

As the world responds to this pandemic, the role of community is more important than ever, especially as the opportunities to connect in person become more limited. As organizers, the example that you set and the way that you care for and support those you serve can both limit the virus’ spread and strengthen the value and impact of your community

Next Steps

Join the #community channel in the WooCommerce Community Slack for additional updates, answers to any questions you have, and to connect with other organizers. 

If you’re interested in exploring virtual events, we’d love to help. We’re following the WordPress.org discussions and will continue to update our recommendations and resources accordingly. 

Thank you for your investment in and care for the WooCommerce Community!

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